Thursday, March 3, 2011

Too long since last post...

As with all things - time gets away from us...

There is no problem with that - as long as we remember to get back on the track and keep moving forward.

Since my last post - I have graduated and received my diploma as a Doctor of Naturopathy.  I commend my peers who worked dilgently and achieve their degrees as well.  There were a few hundred folks finishing up in the end of January and 5 of them are attending the Integrative Healthcare Symposium with me.

I have been in email/chat contact with them for months now and it will be great to meet them in person.

This time away has made me think about what I really want to say and do here in this blog.

So as I finish packing and preparing for the long train ride into NYC - I have these parting words until I write a review and summary of the Symposium.

"Wellness is the foundation for Knowledge and Compassion - from the state of balanced health I can share what I have learned with respect and grace.  Helping others to find health and maintain it through education is the way."

This is shaping up to be a very productive and adventurous year :)

Your in love, light and wellness

Dr. K

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