Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday Product Commentary - Magnetic Therapy: What is the real deal?

For most of the last 15 years, I have used magnetic therapy for wellness as well as acute conditions.  The products I have been using are manufactured by Nikken, Inc. Nikken is known as a network marketing company and I recently got back into being a distributor, more for my own benefit at this time; essentially, my husband's MAGSTEPS (original model with reflexology point) were worn to shreds.  Not bad for 15 years of abuse and effectiveness :)

I have experienced improvement in aches and pains and circulation as a benefit of using those magnetic insoles as well as the bracelet and Elasto Mag shoulder/neck wrap.  I personally use their far-infrared fabric comforter all year round.  I even have the two different size magnetic rollers for therapeutic use. I even sleep with a magnetic / ceramic core pillow as well.  Why - because they make me feel better and I DO know when I use them too much and switch off the pillow or the bracelet/wraps.  I even alternate my insole usage as well.

I have shared my experiences with others and have sold some product - but that is not my end goal.  I only recommend products which have benefited me personally or demonstrated benefit or improvement with others.  My end goal always has been and always will be the objective observation and documentation of product usage and if it works for someone (I always let them try it first - if possible) and they buy it - great; if they don't no big deal.

We have iron in our bloodstream and the magnet increases the blood flow by being present and attracting the 'iron' in the cells to the areas of application.  Note - this does not always work for everyone - but as per my objective analysis - more than 80% of the people who have experienced it - use it on an as-needed basis and of those 50% use them on a consistent basis.

Would I recommend magnetic therapy - YES; do I have things I can share so you can experience for yourself, YES.  Just drop me a line and ask for more information or check it out at

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