Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cycles of Health

In the beginning of all things - the enthusiasm is ever present.  Then reality sets in...

As much as I wanted blog - other things get in the way - some thing called life.  I have been working still as a full time IT consultant and helping a few folks as an ND and then found myself in need of help.

It has been a difficult road - though my physical health has been fantastic, I found deficiencies in my own mental and spiritual health; so much so, that I was in hole, with a rope to get out, but had no desire to leave.

It took a lot of support, faith and self acceptance to pull myself out. I am grateful to all who helped.  Now I am undertaking new journeys - and getting back on the track to a complete health picture.  A new website will be launched in December for Keiles Wellness Care and the blog will be interlinked with it.

I am enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition - Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach program to complete end of next year (2012).  This additional education will further enhance the approaches, and nutraceutical/nutritional programs I will have to offer to support clients in their individual journeys towards better health.

I look forward to the added versatility and knowledge to share with you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time for a post - though long overdue

So since the middle of March - what has been happening up to now?

I went through a cleanse since I have worked myself into end of quarter cycle (mid-late April, July, etc) - and have helped four people through cleanses.  Each person had their own version of a cleanse. There were two basic formulas were used - Burroughs Master Cleanse formula Vibrant Cleanse ( and Vegan Protein Shake Biocleanse Plus ( When I did my cleanse I used Plant Fusion ( since I did not have the Biocleanse Plus available at the time. 

Everybody had different goals - lose weight, remove toxins from skin, lower blood pressure, balance digestive system - and the detox cleanses do all of that and more.  In preparation for their diets post cleanse, I performed evaluations to determine what they should remove/test via an elimination diet.  In each case - we hit the culprits straight on for everyone.  Such a great feeling to help everyone out and set them on a path towards better health.

As part of the process - the cleanse would be repeated either quarterly - half yearly depending on how they feel. Also, a revisiting of the diet assessment and returning or new eliminations from diet will be addressed.

To spend more time on this topic specifically - a new blog has been created: DETOXIFICATION CYCLING & MAINTENANCE (  Here will be the new home focusing on this topic and the program.

So add that to you RSS link and keep an eye on both for more new and interesting topics!

New investigations and topics pending:
  • The results of a probiotic assessment and evaluation for  Theralac and Truflora
  • Reiki in the mix - everyone can benefit from it
  • Scientific assessment of energy/intention and healing - a multi-part thread
Until next time - yours in love, light and health!

Dr. K

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally done with the recovery from Surgery - but never will be 'done' healing

In November 2010, I had shoulder surgery for a large bone spur, calcified acromion-clavicular joint and a calcium deposit a bit larger than a Two Dollar Canadian Coin (aka Tooney).  The first question you may ask is why did a Naturopath do that?  Well - I see it this way - the amount of time spent altering my diet/applying homeopathy and oils in hopes that it will 'dissolve'/reduce the bone spur of over 5mm and 'decalcify' a joint was a potentially lost cause.  In this case - prevention would have been a better approach - but I did not KNOW I was genetically disposed to this condition.  Also, 20 + years of travel abuse/constant computer work AND a car accident wreaking havoc with my circulation/nerve conductivity in my neck sure did not help either.  So here I am with early onset of Osteoarthritis - in recovery.  I have even been off of nightshade plants for almost two years- reducing my exposure to the native alkaloid which are know for mimicing autoimmune inflammation.  So - even with all that - what else could there be done to 'feel better'.

So - you can have surgery - get a 'clean slate' and keep it that way OR you can be debilitated, not be able to work or cook or play guitar and take allopathic remedies and attempt to keep the pain down and kill your kidneys.  I would not say that was the easy way out - you have not known challenges until you have that brachial nerve block and lost complete mobility / movement of your arm.  I have a new found appreciation, respect and admiration for those who are permanently paralyzed just from that short period post surgery.  I also would not say that the recovery path did not have its challenges as well - especially when the law of constraints at work messes with your recovery plans (aka - you are the ONLY one who can do X and I am sorry I am messing with your recovery but you have to work 60 hours these weeks because everyone else is on vacation). 

Don't get me wrong - I did make sure to go to all my therapy sessions, and work my tail off - studying and working insane hours - because I am committed to getting done (and could be considered 'commitable' for that too).  I would be considered that obsessed with a client's health too if that it my primary project to be worked.  I believe in achieving results, and completing what I start - regardless of the lack of commitment of others - I guess it is the optimist in me, wanting to see things better on the other side.  Others would say I was 'obsessed'.  There is a fine line between ownership and obsession and I tend to cross it in the name of right and just, perhaps a bit more than I should. Then again, if I did not - it would not be me.

So that 2 week overload cost me about 5 weeks longer in Physical Therapy to make up for it.  Once I broke past the stickiness and added cervical decompression towards the end, I got better quicker.  I got off the Mobic early on and only twice mid way through did I take it for a day especially for Super Bowl preparations/cooking.  During the rest of the time, home exercise daily, round the clock ice packs, magnets and homeopathy/Helichrysum oil were utilized.  Note - every thing I just mentioned other than the ICE makes most orthopedists and doctors cringe. Sorry gents - but if it works or helps - why should it be wrong in your minds?  I even confirmed my 'diagnosis' with a Rheumatologist - whose exhaustive blood tests yielded 'nothing remarkable' except run of the mill Osteoarthritis from overuse and abuse.

I see the difference in approach to be complementary or even supplementary to the fine hard working efforts of my Physical Therapy Team.  The concept of Kinesiotape is about as 'Witch Doctor' to some as my magnets or oils - but has been known to work, be studied - just like the other modalities.  In fact I use that even more than my magnets and oils as well as in complement of them too; I will do a piece on Kinesiotape next Thursday :) after my 'Green piece'.

I am ramping down on my cervical decompression sessions too - so once done I will be in 'maintenance' and for the majority of folks that means stopping home exercises when the visits stop. I for one will not STOP my therapy.  One lesson that can be learned from early osteoarthritis is MOVEMENT IS THE KEY. Whether it is Thera-Bands (even though you are stronger), stretches or low poundage free weight - if the joint is moving and the blood/nerve signals are good then your health is too :)

It is time to get moving again :)  too much typing time :P

With the advent of Spring coming - more treadmill preparation for running and Wii Fit Plus for use is coming due.

Love and Light - Laura

The world is changing around us...time for Green !

Today the workers around the damaged power plants in Japan are being pulled off the location.  It is only a matter of time before more will be endangered from the modern energy methods of Nuclear power plants not being properly fortified - well - let me rephrase that - the plants were fortified to the best of their ability based on the knowledge and information provided and the costs able to be spent.  Now - Mother Nature threw that fastball which we could not resist to swing at - and we struck out.

I send Reiki to Japan every day since the catastrophe and I know it goes to someone somewhere and to the Earth.  It does not matter if my lineage is from the Master Usui or Ole Gabrielsen - I know I am doing a part to help.

We as 'adaptable' as we are - are still unprepared for life's unexpected changes.  Technology enables and disables us.  Even this blog - it is just me being able to say something to a wider audience I would say over and over again in person.  It is sharing of my words that can drive change too.

In advent of this massive radioactive 'ripple' not necessarily in RADs or contamination - and even though I am not near it even on the way end of the filter down from the ozone and atmospheric patterns - I am going to increase my cleanse schedule and shift my diet.  Change is upon us and the best way to deal with it is to embrace it and work with it - and everyone has their way that will work for them.

No extraneous toxins will be added to me - effective Monday 3/21 as the Spring Solstice is completed - I know I enter barbecue season and just the exposure to carcinogenic smoke alone is more than I should deal with, I am preparing with countermeasures :)  and preparing my family too.  My kids will be more apt to respond and participate - I will accept what ever my husband chooses to do or not do.  It will be a monthly short cleanse every month to compensate.

These changes though seemingly drastic are actually no different than what nature does to cleanse itself - rain, thunder, lightning, earthquakes...we forget we are on a 'living planet'. 

Now begins the period of Mindful action and every small action can yield great results...I pray for us all to remember and make small meaningful choices - they really do add up.

Ok - on a different slant - deciding what to write about on Thursday being St. Patrick's Day and all.  It just hit me - GREEN :)  The merits of Greens in the diet and the new discoveries about the wonder food - BROCCOLI !

Stay tuned - as we all would like to see the fortune as the end of the rainbow - especially if it is filled with love, hope and healing for Japan, the Middle East, our internal strife/civil wars in government around the country and the Earth as a whole.

Yes - Green is good - and on so many levels :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Integrative Healthcare Symposium - A Summary and a caution!

The Summary

March 4-5, 2011 were spent immersed in a firestorm of knowledge and information to process.

That is putting it mildly - but the impact and the resultant actions being taken from what was absorbed from that firehose have shifted my path to health again.

Glass over plastic, nutraceutical dosing, leaning more and more to vegetarianism - and staying on the quarterly cleanse path versus shifting back to bi-annual/annual are just some of the major shifts.

Now I have a group of peers - who graduated with me - from the same course of studies - from the same perspectives on health and prevention - who I bonded with during those two days.  Together - we will stay connected and share our lessons so that everyone can benefit.

There were even one or two who I connect with on Facebook who I missed this year :(

However - the beauty of being somewhat local for my 'day job' allows me to actually schedule time to meet them in a less crowded and overwhelming environment like a conference.

The key take away from the symposium was - "You are not your genetics - but you shape them by your diet and environmental exposure" - true Darwinism.  I am living proof of the 'epigenetic' evolution taking place.  Looking at myself in 2007-2008 overwhelmed and stressed from work and schooling; in 2009 having the EUREKA moment and starting the change to now.  True net change was only 24 pounds since 2007 - but when I had spiked up in early 2009 - it is 33 pounds.  It looks like a lot more from what I have been told.  I even know the 8 pounds difference since the last time I wore a dress in May 2010 and it is quite substantial in the fit.

The Caution...

In the upcoming days post the horrific events of the 8.9 earthquake in Japan and its tsunami - and the spike in radiation exposure coming over in the next three weeks or so to my part of the states - all I can do it alert others to protect themselves.  A colleague of mine, thyroid cancer survivor, is starting to ramp up her vitamins, minerals and trace elements to keep her and her family protected.  I intend to do the same for my family.

Dr. Brownstein has excellent information to guide prevention in the case of the radiation spread.

Stay well and protected - everyone

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Too long since last post...

As with all things - time gets away from us...

There is no problem with that - as long as we remember to get back on the track and keep moving forward.

Since my last post - I have graduated and received my diploma as a Doctor of Naturopathy.  I commend my peers who worked dilgently and achieve their degrees as well.  There were a few hundred folks finishing up in the end of January and 5 of them are attending the Integrative Healthcare Symposium with me.

I have been in email/chat contact with them for months now and it will be great to meet them in person.

This time away has made me think about what I really want to say and do here in this blog.

So as I finish packing and preparing for the long train ride into NYC - I have these parting words until I write a review and summary of the Symposium.

"Wellness is the foundation for Knowledge and Compassion - from the state of balanced health I can share what I have learned with respect and grace.  Helping others to find health and maintain it through education is the way."

This is shaping up to be a very productive and adventurous year :)

Your in love, light and wellness

Dr. K

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday Product Commentary - Magnetic Therapy: What is the real deal?

For most of the last 15 years, I have used magnetic therapy for wellness as well as acute conditions.  The products I have been using are manufactured by Nikken, Inc. Nikken is known as a network marketing company and I recently got back into being a distributor, more for my own benefit at this time; essentially, my husband's MAGSTEPS (original model with reflexology point) were worn to shreds.  Not bad for 15 years of abuse and effectiveness :)

I have experienced improvement in aches and pains and circulation as a benefit of using those magnetic insoles as well as the bracelet and Elasto Mag shoulder/neck wrap.  I personally use their far-infrared fabric comforter all year round.  I even have the two different size magnetic rollers for therapeutic use. I even sleep with a magnetic / ceramic core pillow as well.  Why - because they make me feel better and I DO know when I use them too much and switch off the pillow or the bracelet/wraps.  I even alternate my insole usage as well.

I have shared my experiences with others and have sold some product - but that is not my end goal.  I only recommend products which have benefited me personally or demonstrated benefit or improvement with others.  My end goal always has been and always will be the objective observation and documentation of product usage and if it works for someone (I always let them try it first - if possible) and they buy it - great; if they don't no big deal.

We have iron in our bloodstream and the magnet increases the blood flow by being present and attracting the 'iron' in the cells to the areas of application.  Note - this does not always work for everyone - but as per my objective analysis - more than 80% of the people who have experienced it - use it on an as-needed basis and of those 50% use them on a consistent basis.

Would I recommend magnetic therapy - YES; do I have things I can share so you can experience for yourself, YES.  Just drop me a line and ask for more information or check it out at