Saturday, March 12, 2011

Integrative Healthcare Symposium - A Summary and a caution!

The Summary

March 4-5, 2011 were spent immersed in a firestorm of knowledge and information to process.

That is putting it mildly - but the impact and the resultant actions being taken from what was absorbed from that firehose have shifted my path to health again.

Glass over plastic, nutraceutical dosing, leaning more and more to vegetarianism - and staying on the quarterly cleanse path versus shifting back to bi-annual/annual are just some of the major shifts.

Now I have a group of peers - who graduated with me - from the same course of studies - from the same perspectives on health and prevention - who I bonded with during those two days.  Together - we will stay connected and share our lessons so that everyone can benefit.

There were even one or two who I connect with on Facebook who I missed this year :(

However - the beauty of being somewhat local for my 'day job' allows me to actually schedule time to meet them in a less crowded and overwhelming environment like a conference.

The key take away from the symposium was - "You are not your genetics - but you shape them by your diet and environmental exposure" - true Darwinism.  I am living proof of the 'epigenetic' evolution taking place.  Looking at myself in 2007-2008 overwhelmed and stressed from work and schooling; in 2009 having the EUREKA moment and starting the change to now.  True net change was only 24 pounds since 2007 - but when I had spiked up in early 2009 - it is 33 pounds.  It looks like a lot more from what I have been told.  I even know the 8 pounds difference since the last time I wore a dress in May 2010 and it is quite substantial in the fit.

The Caution...

In the upcoming days post the horrific events of the 8.9 earthquake in Japan and its tsunami - and the spike in radiation exposure coming over in the next three weeks or so to my part of the states - all I can do it alert others to protect themselves.  A colleague of mine, thyroid cancer survivor, is starting to ramp up her vitamins, minerals and trace elements to keep her and her family protected.  I intend to do the same for my family.

Dr. Brownstein has excellent information to guide prevention in the case of the radiation spread.

Stay well and protected - everyone

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