Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The world is changing around us...time for Green !

Today the workers around the damaged power plants in Japan are being pulled off the location.  It is only a matter of time before more will be endangered from the modern energy methods of Nuclear power plants not being properly fortified - well - let me rephrase that - the plants were fortified to the best of their ability based on the knowledge and information provided and the costs able to be spent.  Now - Mother Nature threw that fastball which we could not resist to swing at - and we struck out.

I send Reiki to Japan every day since the catastrophe and I know it goes to someone somewhere and to the Earth.  It does not matter if my lineage is from the Master Usui or Ole Gabrielsen - I know I am doing a part to help.

We as 'adaptable' as we are - are still unprepared for life's unexpected changes.  Technology enables and disables us.  Even this blog - it is just me being able to say something to a wider audience I would say over and over again in person.  It is sharing of my words that can drive change too.

In advent of this massive radioactive 'ripple' not necessarily in RADs or contamination - and even though I am not near it even on the way end of the filter down from the ozone and atmospheric patterns - I am going to increase my cleanse schedule and shift my diet.  Change is upon us and the best way to deal with it is to embrace it and work with it - and everyone has their way that will work for them.

No extraneous toxins will be added to me - effective Monday 3/21 as the Spring Solstice is completed - I know I enter barbecue season and just the exposure to carcinogenic smoke alone is more than I should deal with, I am preparing with countermeasures :)  and preparing my family too.  My kids will be more apt to respond and participate - I will accept what ever my husband chooses to do or not do.  It will be a monthly short cleanse every month to compensate.

These changes though seemingly drastic are actually no different than what nature does to cleanse itself - rain, thunder, lightning, earthquakes...we forget we are on a 'living planet'. 

Now begins the period of Mindful action and every small action can yield great results...I pray for us all to remember and make small meaningful choices - they really do add up.

Ok - on a different slant - deciding what to write about on Thursday being St. Patrick's Day and all.  It just hit me - GREEN :)  The merits of Greens in the diet and the new discoveries about the wonder food - BROCCOLI !

Stay tuned - as we all would like to see the fortune as the end of the rainbow - especially if it is filled with love, hope and healing for Japan, the Middle East, our internal strife/civil wars in government around the country and the Earth as a whole.

Yes - Green is good - and on so many levels :)

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