Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally done with the recovery from Surgery - but never will be 'done' healing

In November 2010, I had shoulder surgery for a large bone spur, calcified acromion-clavicular joint and a calcium deposit a bit larger than a Two Dollar Canadian Coin (aka Tooney).  The first question you may ask is why did a Naturopath do that?  Well - I see it this way - the amount of time spent altering my diet/applying homeopathy and oils in hopes that it will 'dissolve'/reduce the bone spur of over 5mm and 'decalcify' a joint was a potentially lost cause.  In this case - prevention would have been a better approach - but I did not KNOW I was genetically disposed to this condition.  Also, 20 + years of travel abuse/constant computer work AND a car accident wreaking havoc with my circulation/nerve conductivity in my neck sure did not help either.  So here I am with early onset of Osteoarthritis - in recovery.  I have even been off of nightshade plants for almost two years- reducing my exposure to the native alkaloid which are know for mimicing autoimmune inflammation.  So - even with all that - what else could there be done to 'feel better'.

So - you can have surgery - get a 'clean slate' and keep it that way OR you can be debilitated, not be able to work or cook or play guitar and take allopathic remedies and attempt to keep the pain down and kill your kidneys.  I would not say that was the easy way out - you have not known challenges until you have that brachial nerve block and lost complete mobility / movement of your arm.  I have a new found appreciation, respect and admiration for those who are permanently paralyzed just from that short period post surgery.  I also would not say that the recovery path did not have its challenges as well - especially when the law of constraints at work messes with your recovery plans (aka - you are the ONLY one who can do X and I am sorry I am messing with your recovery but you have to work 60 hours these weeks because everyone else is on vacation). 

Don't get me wrong - I did make sure to go to all my therapy sessions, and work my tail off - studying and working insane hours - because I am committed to getting done (and could be considered 'commitable' for that too).  I would be considered that obsessed with a client's health too if that it my primary project to be worked.  I believe in achieving results, and completing what I start - regardless of the lack of commitment of others - I guess it is the optimist in me, wanting to see things better on the other side.  Others would say I was 'obsessed'.  There is a fine line between ownership and obsession and I tend to cross it in the name of right and just, perhaps a bit more than I should. Then again, if I did not - it would not be me.

So that 2 week overload cost me about 5 weeks longer in Physical Therapy to make up for it.  Once I broke past the stickiness and added cervical decompression towards the end, I got better quicker.  I got off the Mobic early on and only twice mid way through did I take it for a day especially for Super Bowl preparations/cooking.  During the rest of the time, home exercise daily, round the clock ice packs, magnets and homeopathy/Helichrysum oil were utilized.  Note - every thing I just mentioned other than the ICE makes most orthopedists and doctors cringe. Sorry gents - but if it works or helps - why should it be wrong in your minds?  I even confirmed my 'diagnosis' with a Rheumatologist - whose exhaustive blood tests yielded 'nothing remarkable' except run of the mill Osteoarthritis from overuse and abuse.

I see the difference in approach to be complementary or even supplementary to the fine hard working efforts of my Physical Therapy Team.  The concept of Kinesiotape is about as 'Witch Doctor' to some as my magnets or oils - but has been known to work, be studied - just like the other modalities.  In fact I use that even more than my magnets and oils as well as in complement of them too; I will do a piece on Kinesiotape next Thursday :) after my 'Green piece'.

I am ramping down on my cervical decompression sessions too - so once done I will be in 'maintenance' and for the majority of folks that means stopping home exercises when the visits stop. I for one will not STOP my therapy.  One lesson that can be learned from early osteoarthritis is MOVEMENT IS THE KEY. Whether it is Thera-Bands (even though you are stronger), stretches or low poundage free weight - if the joint is moving and the blood/nerve signals are good then your health is too :)

It is time to get moving again :)  too much typing time :P

With the advent of Spring coming - more treadmill preparation for running and Wii Fit Plus for use is coming due.

Love and Light - Laura

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