Monday, January 17, 2011

Starting the New Year with my cleanse :)

Today is the first day of my cleanse for this year. Since May 2009 I have been doing cleanses quarterly.  My very first cleanse was 8 days and that jumpstarted my periodic removal and management of toxins from diet and everyday life.  There are those who feel doing a cleanse at least yearly is sufficient for them to help them maintain their health.  Those yearly cleanses can be fairly long in duration - 10 to 14 days.  Knowing what I had to do for 8 days - that is commitment!

I found that over the years of my diet, and my allergies and my health have fluctuated and with that invariably were toxins.  I believe in the "Last on - first off" philosophy of toxin removal in the body.  You can keep removing toxins annually, but even with diet modification and hidden toxins - there is some residual build up that can occur.  At least, it did with me.  Removing gluten from my diet, as stringent as I am, there is still the hidden glutens in everything.  It has taken me a year to become a rigourous reader and educator of gluten free - to the point of celiac.  I have not been diagnosed celiac - but I treat my diet as if I was.  So - those glutamates found in glutens and dairy were still finding their way into me. 

A cleanse quarterly is what I found to continue the toxin removal process on a more regular basis.  Think of beautiful piece of furniture that has been refinished multiple times.  Stripping wood for refinishing - really slowly you find out how many times this piece had been worked.  Each layer that came off - exposed more and more times it was "processed".  I see toxins in the body that way - each cleanse removes the most recent toxins and then "strips" a bit deeper to get more out.  There is a law of diminishing returns - which is a GOOD thing because at some point - there are very few stubborn, long standing layers that will break down and finally be released.  I am at that point now - my last 7-10 lbs.  I am in no rush to lose them and just have them come back.  I want the toxins done and gone for good - or at least until the next cleanse :)

So - Day 1 is almost in the books and I am feeling a bit hungrier than usual; it is winter and cleanses now can put more stress on as we are supposed to be "staying warm" versus removing our fat stores.  I am doing the Burroughs Master Cleanse available through powdered form  I used to do the squeezing lemon, cayenne, maple syrup and found I had some small inconsistencies with measurement and that would effect my outcome.  The 100% organic and controlled portioning of using Vibrant Cleanse makes the quality of my cleanse better and this process much easier to keep up.  I will do this for three days and move into a vegan protein shake cleanse ( for two to three days depending on how I feel before moving gently back into my normal diet. 

This cycle however I will be assessing dairy more stringently to see if it helps with my shoulder surgery recovery.  There has been more inflammation than I like - and sure it is MOST LIKELY due to my working on computers ALOT, but it could be diet related as well.  Stay tuned as we chronicle this cleanse and see my progress.

Initial weight 143 today - next weigh in Day 3.

Yours in light and vibrant health -


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