Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3 of cleanse in Winter time :)

One of the biggest issues with doing cleanses all year round is how do you deal with being cold.  Your body undergoes chemical changes, breaking the links to toxins, stripping of cellular and digestive debris and you get cold. Normally, folks who do cleanse annually do it in the Spring, when it starts to get warm so that the coldness of the body is not such an issue.  I do one of those too :)  You can also have sniffles and congestion, vicious headaches and feel exhausted.  A cleanse is time to take care of yourself, but more likely than not, you are doing it while working or being stressed to begin with.  So with that stated - one has to TRY and take it easy :)

Based on my current weigh in of 139 lbs - as long as I can keep myself around 133-135 consistently - I am good to go.  I normally do not "keep track" of weight - I keep track of how I fit in clothes.  I found that for standards in the "medical community" and keeping a professional perspective - it does not hurt to be within the 'range' based on my frame size.

The best way to see what your 'frame' size is to wrap your fingers of your dominant hand around your opposing wrist.  I am right-handed so I encircle my wrist using my thumb and fourth finger (ring finger).  If they touch, that is a medium frame; if I go past my fingers and overlap - that is a small frame and if I cannot reach then it is a large frame.

There are various sites available to calculate your 'ideal weight' based on frame size.  But to be realistic - the best health you can obtain is not inherently by you scale, it is by how YOU feel.  Your mind set is truly your frame of reference.  What you think about yourself IMPACTS your health - really.

So remember that one must appreciate and respect what you were given - it is your body to take care of - and no one else will do it for you.  You can have all the support, love and guidance in the world and that is a blessing in itself.  You look in the mirror and if you are happy, it shows; if you are stressed, it shows!

Today on day 3 of my cleanse I look in the mirror and thank my body for working with me through out all my stress of work and life, shoulder recovery and removing 3 months (and whatever is newly surfacing) of residual toxins.  I also vowed to my body, I would continue to take care and look after it and make smart health choices at least once a day. I know this is not my pre-marriage/kids body I am taking care of - but to be honest I feel I look better than when I was younger and that makes my day, every day.

I still have two more days of cleanse - shifting from the Burroughs Master Cleanse to Protein shake for two days and gracefully back into food.  Next week is RESTAURANT WEEK in NYC and I am stoked to make a trip in at least one day and attempt NOT to put all those toxins back on in one visit - I still have another 3 months before I do this again :)  If I do - at least I know they will come off again next quarter and I will be smiling no matter what.

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