Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cycles of Health

In the beginning of all things - the enthusiasm is ever present.  Then reality sets in...

As much as I wanted blog - other things get in the way - some thing called life.  I have been working still as a full time IT consultant and helping a few folks as an ND and then found myself in need of help.

It has been a difficult road - though my physical health has been fantastic, I found deficiencies in my own mental and spiritual health; so much so, that I was in hole, with a rope to get out, but had no desire to leave.

It took a lot of support, faith and self acceptance to pull myself out. I am grateful to all who helped.  Now I am undertaking new journeys - and getting back on the track to a complete health picture.  A new website will be launched in December for Keiles Wellness Care and the blog will be interlinked with it.

I am enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition - Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach program to complete end of next year (2012).  This additional education will further enhance the approaches, and nutraceutical/nutritional programs I will have to offer to support clients in their individual journeys towards better health.

I look forward to the added versatility and knowledge to share with you!