Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time for a post - though long overdue

So since the middle of March - what has been happening up to now?

I went through a cleanse since I have worked myself into end of quarter cycle (mid-late April, July, etc) - and have helped four people through cleanses.  Each person had their own version of a cleanse. There were two basic formulas were used - Burroughs Master Cleanse formula Vibrant Cleanse ( and Vegan Protein Shake Biocleanse Plus ( When I did my cleanse I used Plant Fusion ( since I did not have the Biocleanse Plus available at the time. 

Everybody had different goals - lose weight, remove toxins from skin, lower blood pressure, balance digestive system - and the detox cleanses do all of that and more.  In preparation for their diets post cleanse, I performed evaluations to determine what they should remove/test via an elimination diet.  In each case - we hit the culprits straight on for everyone.  Such a great feeling to help everyone out and set them on a path towards better health.

As part of the process - the cleanse would be repeated either quarterly - half yearly depending on how they feel. Also, a revisiting of the diet assessment and returning or new eliminations from diet will be addressed.

To spend more time on this topic specifically - a new blog has been created: DETOXIFICATION CYCLING & MAINTENANCE (  Here will be the new home focusing on this topic and the program.

So add that to you RSS link and keep an eye on both for more new and interesting topics!

New investigations and topics pending:
  • The results of a probiotic assessment and evaluation for  Theralac and Truflora
  • Reiki in the mix - everyone can benefit from it
  • Scientific assessment of energy/intention and healing - a multi-part thread
Until next time - yours in love, light and health!

Dr. K